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shithead, shitbag, shitface, American also shitheel / ' S I T . H E D / noun [c] taboo slang
a stupid, unpleasant and unpopular person
That little shithead has screwed things up again.
Rob, you're such a shitbag!

"If you have ever climbed a big wall, at some point on your trip you were stupid, unpleasant and unpopular.  Probably during a squat" --Shitbag

Yet another Shitbag trip to the valley
Posted: Tue Mar 21 at 11:39 AM by couchmaster
Yes, it's been a while since anyone posted. Some of us (those that didn't weenie out because of a little snow) went to the Valley last weekend. No climbing was done, but we hiked around and hung out. I've posted some photos on my flickr account:
rcgreenw's photos tagged with Yosemite More of rcgreenw's photos tagged with Yosemite
Shitbag Trip to the Valley
Posted: Thu Jan 22 at 10:12 AM by bloodynipples
Los Angeles Shitbags Ken, Dave, and Dave's Roommate will be heading up to Yosemite Valley the weekend of January 31st / February 1st. Dave and his Roommate, Holden, will be doing the West Face of Leanining Tower and Ken will be looking for a climbing partner when he is not helping hump loads to the base!
Mt. Tyndall trip report finally up!
Posted: Fri Aug 15 at 06:38 PM by couchmaster
Last month, Menzo and I summitted Mt. Tyndall (14018 ft), near Independence, CA. I've posted a trip writeup and a couple of pictures here: This is the beginning of the trip report pages that I wrote last year sometime, but never made live. Let me know how it works, I may be trying to finish them soon.
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