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Frequently Asked Questions


What the hell is a shitbag?

A shitbag is used for carrying human waste out of impacted areas. Shitbags are traditionally paper sacks, though other types of bags have been used. See How To Use A Shitbag for more information on the usage of a shitbag.

How many people can use a shitbag?

One. Everyone is responsible for their own shit! To save weight, however, poop tubes may be shared. If you are in a large group and will be staying in one place for a while, what you really want is a Groover, but we won't go into those here.

Who is a Shitbag?

A Shitbag is generally a person who enjoys the great outdoors and is comfortable spending extended periods of time there.

Are all climbers Shitbags?

No. Some climbers only climb because it is trendy and have never climbed outside of the gym. These people probably aren't Shitbags, and there is some doubt that they are even really climbers.

Are all Shitbags climbers?

No. Many Shitbags are climbers, mountaineers, and backpackers, but you don't have to be into mountains. Some Shitbags are kayakers and rafters. Most Shitbags enjoy many different activities. You don't even have to be into the outdoors, but it helps.

How do I become a Shitbag?

If you've found this page, you've made the first step. There is no step by step process to becomming a Shitbag. It's more of a state of mind than anything else.

Am I a Shitbag?


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